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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Newest gadgets for grilling

New must have barbecue grilling tools.

If there is anything that barbecue people all have in common, it’s their shared love of gadgets. Just like golfers are always looking for an edge in their golf game BBQ grillers are exactly the same. What new product can we get that will make our meats just a little more succulent or just slightly better to make. Perhaps make the process easier or safer. 
We here at BBQU have you covered. Here are some grilling gadgets that everyone is talking about.  If they are must have items for your set up is up for debate. These are however what everyone is using these days.

1.     A grill cleaner brush that puts out a fine coat of olive oil.
2.    An infrared heat thermometer
3.    Carbon fiber grilling gloves
4.    Built in fire extingushers
5.    New propane cut off switches
6.     A host of mobile apps
7.    New timers that are integrated in
8.    A host of new auto rub machines
9.    Fold up grills that slide under your car

10.  New themomters that will call mobile phone.

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