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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ribs they are not just for backyard grills anymore.

Ribs go ahead and serve them at for formal occasions.
Ribs are by far the messiest grilled meat you can possibly have. Since ribs are traditionally eaten with your hands the essence of eating them in inherently a messy ordeal. Barbecue sauce or rub will inevitably find its way to your clothing which could lead to an embarrassing situation.
A new trend is starting to take place that will put the notion of the dirty rib to bed. The trend was first noticed in BBQ dinners in North Carolina, but it has made its way north in more recent months. That trend is to serve ribs are upscale and fancy dinner parties.  Ribs are fun to eat and naturally any food that is fun to eat is fun to consume with a large party of friends and guests.
What was once revered for the picnic table in the backyard is now trending with the more affluent sect. Ribs and wine parties are slowing starting to make its way into foodie circles.
It may not be long now until ribs are severed at 5-star resorts and restaurants.

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